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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Monday, November 21, 2022

Year Zero Engine: Twilight 2000: Success rates.

I am almost certain there is some magical statistical way to figure this out, but although I have some knowledge of stats, I don't have that much.  I do however have enough knowledge to write a simple script to generate a LOT of random numbers.  So that is what I did.  

The script rolled each die 100,000 times and assigned success based on a roll of 6+ on either die.


d6 & d0

Success Rate: 16%

d6 & d6

Success Rate: 30%

d6 & d8

Success Rate: 47%

d6 & d10

Success Rate: 58%

d6 & d12

Success Rate: 65%


d8 & d0

Success Rate: 37%

d8 & d6

Success Rate: 47%

d8 & d8

Success Rate: 61%

d8 & d10

Success Rate: 68%

d8 & d12

Success Rate: 73%


d10 & d0

Success Rate: 49%

d10 & d6

Success Rate: 58%

d10 & d8

Success Rate: 68%

d10 & d10

Success Rate: 75%

d10 & d12

Success Rate: 79%


d12 & d0

Success Rate: 57%

d12 & d6

Success Rate: 65%

d12 & d8

Success Rate: 73%

d12 & d10

Success Rate: 79%

d12 & d12

Success Rate: 82%

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