'Barbarism is the natural state of mankind,' the borderer said, still staring somberly at the Cimmerian. 'Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.'

-Robert E. Howard
Beyond The Black River

Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fenced in.

After building the farm/frontier house and looking at it for awhile and thought it would be unlikely they would have no fenced pens, no way to keep some small amount of livestock.

I have seen many fences build, and I doubt mine are revolutionary, that being said, here is a modular fence system.

Wide craft sticks
Wooden stir sticks.
Wooden match sticks.
Hot glue.
Pumice paste or PVA and sand.

Step 1: Take 2 match sticks and cut them in half

Step 1: Match sticks cut in half. These will be your fence uprights.

Step 2: Cut the end off a stir stick, so that it is flat and then cut to length, slightly shorter than the jumbo craft stick.  These will be your long fence boards.

Step 3: Using hot glue, glue the upright posts to each end of the fence board and then fill in the other two.  You can measure or eyeball.  I just put them approximately in the correct place.

Step 4:  Put a small dab of hot glue on each of the upright posts to attach the second fence board.

Step 4 Cont: Attach the second fence board to the uprights to give you your fence.

Step 5: Place a thick bead of glue along the length of the jumbo craft stick, this will be the base.  Alternatively you could place the glue only in the 4 places your uprights attach.

Step 5 Cont:  Place the uprights into the hot glue and hold it in place till the glue cools.

Step 6: Texture the base either with PVA and sand, or a pumice paste like Vallejo's and let dry.
Step 7: Paint the base colors:  Light brown on the fence and a dark green over the textured base.

Step 8: Add a dark wash over the wood and dry brush the base with a light green.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Woodland Ind...PICT Tribes!

This past weekend I picked up a box of Warlord games Woodland Indian Tribes plastic box set (Woodland Indian Tribes).  Although it comes with a lot of rifles, I figured I could probably get enough out of it for a small pict force for the Conan RPG.

The box contains enough parts to build 24 warriors with miscellaneous pieces left over.  The box also comes with some basic instructions to guide you through which arms go with which bodies.

Box comes with 3 sprues total, each sprue is enough to make 8 Picts.....24 total Picts.

One of the sprues before cutting.  Bodies and arms are labelled with letters to allow easier selection.  I still double check to see how they will look before gluing.  

A Pict cut from the sprue: head, arms, body and base.

Assembled.  Parts glued together with standard testors model glue (red tube).  We will deal with the rifle in a moment.

Rifle snipped off and head dress glued into place to complete the Pict warrior.  I would normally cut the rifle of first, but did it this was for ease of demonstration.

Another assembled Pict next to a Reaper Bones model for scale comparison.

Pictish War Party: One sprue of Picts completed (-1 due to testing and a bad arm choice)
Overall these are pretty nice models.  Assembling them is a little bit fiddly, but they come in at about $1.45CAD per model, so not bad.  I haven't tried painting them yet, but will post when and if I do.

Found a youtube vid on painting similar figs.


YouTube Channels

One of the greatest things the Internet & computers has given us, in my opinion, is the ability for the average guy to create content and stream that content to the world.  If you were like me and you enjoyed shows as a youth that showed you how to draw or how things worked, then seeing ideas people have is awesome.  YouTube has all kinds of videos from sample clips to full on walk throughs of all sorts of projects, from electronics to jewelry to woodworking to gaming and everything in-between.

Sometimes this results in channels that start, have a little content and die, channels with poor content, or channels that some people just don't enjoy, but there are many good channels available, and I wanted to go through a list of the channels that I enjoy and find useful as far as terrain, miniatures and gaming go.

Some of these channels are aimed at wargaming and others are aimed more at a roleplaying environment, but all have some pretty good ideas for building terrain.

These channels are aimed at war games terrain.

Terrain Tutor

Excellent overview channels, many ideas and concepts.  Intro to terrain building, making flock etc.

Comissar Gamza

Aimed largely at Warhammer, some good tutorials on found object terrain.

Some beautiful terrain, mostly a commercial site though.

The following channels are aimed more at D&D but all contain some excellent construction ideas on the cheap.

DMs Craft


Black Magic Craft

Drunken & Dragons


DMG Info

Dungeons and Gluesticks

I am sure there are other great channels out there, please leave links to any channels you like or find interesting.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Great Magics of the 1890s: In Her Majesty's Name.

This past Sunday the Skirmish club got together and played a three way scenario devised by one of our members.

Each player was given a primary and secondary objective and a starting point.  Initiative was randomized via a small deck of cards.  This deck also included effects such as Dust, Darkness and Wind.

I believe VP were awarded as.
20 - Primary
10 - Secondary
5- Leader kill
2- Regular kill

Our original deployment.  Three companies approach the ruins of an old temple.  Rumors say that within it are objects of great magic.

Central Asian Agency deployment.

Our first moves.

Mongols ride for the cover of the forest, feinting towards the breech in the wall to gain access to the magic items.  The objects are secondary to me though, striking down the enemy and killing their leaders is my primary goal.  Crush your enemies.  See them driven before you.  Hear the lamentation of their women.  Sadly my dogs took a bullet, but being the troopers they are, remain in the game.

Second round, Mongols continue their feint, Jeremy's forces split moving through the gate and towards the temple, I rush my dogs in to attack and pin some forces effectively splitting his forces.  On our right Greg moves his units unmolested up to the walls and proceeds to gain entry into the temple complex.  Dust clouds sweep into the valley causing reduced visibility and essentially reducing ranged weapons.  This favors my units.

Dogs rushing into combat!

Mongol leader continues to move towards the entrance! 

Mongols move into the attack, pressing their advantage of strength into Jermey's now split forces.  The Dust has settled but Darkness has settled across the land causing confusion and reducing ranged combat again.  Gregs forces continue to take up firing positions on the wall while I fight against Jermey's forces in hand to hand.

Result of the close combat results in one of my dogs dying as well as Jeremy losing two of his units.  The Mongol leader pulls Jeremy's two other units away from their search for treasure.

(I think I missed a turn of combat in here, pretty sure I eliminated Jeremy's leader in my leaders first move across the trees, freeing the dog to attack)

The next round sees howling winds sweep down causing a small amount inaccuracy to long ranged weapons, but generally does not effect any of us.  The Yeti also moves into combat to help the war dog.

The Mongol leader leaves Jermey's last two isolated units to cross the trees and enter combat

Greg's firing positions.  This turns poorly as conditions finally favor shooting and he begins to unload arc cannons on us.

The Mongols move in and attack the robot, on moving into combat each Mongol has a +8 to hit, but with only a -1 to pluck rolls they fail to do more than harass the machine.

The next round sees the Yeti free and able to move into combat.  Also enjoying a +8 to attack rolls and a -2 to pluck the group finally brings down the Robot.

(The next round has the Mongols ride out into a line and open fire on Greg's leader, but as he retreats into cover we are unable to score a hit.  Unfortunately I am not so lucky and an arc cannon lights up a horseman and he falls dead)

Now I have two options.  Flee the field as I have no chance of killing the rest of Greg's forces or......Charge into combat against his leader. 

I choose combat.

Our first round ends in s stalemate, and in the second round I lose initiative, but I am able to move my war dog into combat as well.

The unfortunately proves bad for me as his attack kills my leader first before my Mongols manages to bring down his leader.

At this point Greg has not managed to uncover any of the Magic Items, and despite killing a few of my guys my victory point total is higher at the end due to a lot of bloodshed and killing of leaders.  One as an objective and one just as a combat.

Overall it was a fun game with decent rolls on my side, Jeremy was just learning the game and getting his forces split really hurt him, as well as a few rounds of reduced range.  I enjoyed the initiative system combined with battlefield effects.

The reduced range gave me a fairly large benefit I think.  Half of my units don't have ranged weapons and the ones that do, don't use them that much. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Frontier Cabin

"He hurried down the road, crossed Scalp Creek and came in sight of the first settler's cabin—a, long, low structure of ax-hewn logs. In an instant he was pounding on the door. A sleepy voice inquired his pleasure."

-Beyond the Black River
Robert E Howard.

The following is a build of a frontier cabin, maybe something that might fit into the Aquilonian frontier as found in Beyond the Black River.  In the end the logs on this cabin have a more rounded look than perhaps axe hewn logs should have, but I think it gets the point across.

Experimenting with log texture on foam core.

Dimensions for cabin end.

Dimensions for the main wall.

Main pieces laid out with textured piece.  Paper removed from foam core in preparation for texturing.

Lines were drawn with a ball point pen and then these are pushed in to form the crevasses between the logs using a rounded clay tool.

Textured cabin glued with PVA and pinned to wait for it to dry.

Cabin with 25mm Bones Pirate for scale.  Glue is dry, main structure is complete.  I end up putting in a floor and an interior wall to combat some of the bowing I was seeing in the main walls.  I also reinforced the wall joints with hot glue on the inside.

Simple chimney.  Styrene with ball point pen texture.  The texturing could have been deeper, I lost a fair bit of detail when I painted.

Main cabin now with card roof cut from box can boxes (12 packs).  Doors and windows framed with stir sticks.  Cabin walls painted dark brown and dry brushed with a lighter brown.

Cutting the shingles.

Each shingle was cut and glued on with PVA.

First row of shingles.

Completed side.

Shingled roof on the cabin.

More or less finished cabin with various scatter terrain.  Inside of the cabin has been painted black.  Stone door step has been added as well as a door made from stir sticks.  Ridge beams added along the top of the building to join the two shingled sides, this was hot glued into place.  Roof is removable, if players need to be inside, but the inside is unfinished.