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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

YouTube Channels

One of the greatest things the Internet & computers has given us, in my opinion, is the ability for the average guy to create content and stream that content to the world.  If you were like me and you enjoyed shows as a youth that showed you how to draw or how things worked, then seeing ideas people have is awesome.  YouTube has all kinds of videos from sample clips to full on walk throughs of all sorts of projects, from electronics to jewelry to woodworking to gaming and everything in-between.

Sometimes this results in channels that start, have a little content and die, channels with poor content, or channels that some people just don't enjoy, but there are many good channels available, and I wanted to go through a list of the channels that I enjoy and find useful as far as terrain, miniatures and gaming go.

Some of these channels are aimed at wargaming and others are aimed more at a roleplaying environment, but all have some pretty good ideas for building terrain.

These channels are aimed at war games terrain.

Terrain Tutor

Excellent overview channels, many ideas and concepts.  Intro to terrain building, making flock etc.

Comissar Gamza

Aimed largely at Warhammer, some good tutorials on found object terrain.

Some beautiful terrain, mostly a commercial site though.

The following channels are aimed more at D&D but all contain some excellent construction ideas on the cheap.

DMs Craft


Black Magic Craft

Drunken & Dragons


DMG Info

Dungeons and Gluesticks

I am sure there are other great channels out there, please leave links to any channels you like or find interesting.

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