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Corrupt Cliffs
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Woodland Ind...PICT Tribes!

This past weekend I picked up a box of Warlord games Woodland Indian Tribes plastic box set (Woodland Indian Tribes).  Although it comes with a lot of rifles, I figured I could probably get enough out of it for a small pict force for the Conan RPG.

The box contains enough parts to build 24 warriors with miscellaneous pieces left over.  The box also comes with some basic instructions to guide you through which arms go with which bodies.

Box comes with 3 sprues total, each sprue is enough to make 8 Picts.....24 total Picts.

One of the sprues before cutting.  Bodies and arms are labelled with letters to allow easier selection.  I still double check to see how they will look before gluing.  

A Pict cut from the sprue: head, arms, body and base.

Assembled.  Parts glued together with standard testors model glue (red tube).  We will deal with the rifle in a moment.

Rifle snipped off and head dress glued into place to complete the Pict warrior.  I would normally cut the rifle of first, but did it this was for ease of demonstration.

Another assembled Pict next to a Reaper Bones model for scale comparison.

Pictish War Party: One sprue of Picts completed (-1 due to testing and a bad arm choice)
Overall these are pretty nice models.  Assembling them is a little bit fiddly, but they come in at about $1.45CAD per model, so not bad.  I haven't tried painting them yet, but will post when and if I do.

Found a youtube vid on painting similar figs.


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