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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Morning Coffee, or is it?

I drink a fair bit of coffee.  Much of it is from coffee shops.  I throw a lot of cups away.  I have seen a few ideas using the "java jacket" sleeve as corrugated steel for shanty's etc.  but I wanted more.

I have had this idea rolling around in my head for a post for a couple of days before I finally got around to building it.

Goal: Create a sci-fi building (15mm) using only a coffee cup from a coffee house, plus glue and paint.

Coffee cup
White glue
Hot glue
Texture paint(optional)
Knife and/or scissors

Step 1: Get a coffee cup.  Drink coffee.  Clean cup.

Step 1 cont: These are the basic parts we have to work with.

Step 2:  Measure an equal distance down and cut out a segment.  NOTE:  If you make it a single floor and measure with a miniatire the top roof of the building is NOT the bottom of the cup.  I had a small issue with this.

Step 3: Cut out plastic from cup.  I had intended on using this cut out plastic for something, but I never did.

Step 4: Use the plastic ring as a base and test fit the cardboard.  This will probably only work well if your building is as about as tall as mine.
Step 5: Using exta cardboard add details and a door

Step 6: Because of the height of the building, I need an insert ring to attach it to the plastic building base so the door is not covered.

The building with the cardboard detail and riser ring for insert into base.

Step 7: Assemble building and add last bits of detailing: A ladded to allow men to get to the door and a hatch giving access to the roof.

Step 8: Use hot glue to glue the two pieces together.  I glued inside and out.  The outside will look aproximately like a VERY heavy weld line.  Gluing from the inside is probably good enough though.

Step 9: Using texture paint add further detail and fill in small spaces.  This can be used to simulate weld lines.  At this scale these will technically be huge unless you are way better at this than I am.


Building painted with it's base colors

Base colors plus some weathering.

Slightly different angle.

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