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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Conan 2d20 play aids

After playing the first run through of Modiphius's new offering to the Hyborian Age, with Conan 2d20 I thought I would share some tools I used.  Mainly a simple and I do mean SIMPLE momentum pool and using note cards to track a mob as well as a Nemesis.  And how I use note cards to equip NPCs on the fly if needed.

Our hero in this example is attacked by a mob of 5 skeletons.   It's not the most complicated thing to record, but this is how I go about it.
I start with a blank note card and write the creature across the top.  "Skeleton Mob".  Next to that I write in the Armor Soak, and Shield Cover Soak if it is relevant.  You can place a spot for courage if that matters. I then write the total vigor for each mob member on the next line.  Finally I write down the numbers from 1-5 for each of the creatures in the mob.  
Hero rolls to hit!
Rolls Damage! 7!
Skeleton rolls shield.  3 cover +2 soak = 5 total soak.  Suffers 7-5 = 2 damage
Mark 2 'X's under the first member of the mob.  If you use Xs and Os you can track physical and mental damage.

And I use a similar card to track a Nemesis.  Although I would suggest having this prepped before hand as it is a little more time consuming to prepare, although not that much

As you are running a game and you need to be able to create an NPC with some weapon, armor and shield you can delay your game by looking through the manuals finding the relevant stats.  Instead I keep a generic human set of stats and a set of weapon, armor and shield cards handy so I can spend a few seconds getting the stats together vs digging through the book.

Finally the method I use to track momentum for the players involves a somewhat decorative bowl, some markers and a notecard.

Momentum markers and the pool.  I put notes on there for the players as well.  Max 6.  -1 end of round/scene.
The pool with 5 momentum

At the end of the day, anything we can use to help track and move the game along smoother should help to make the session more enjoyable.  I hope you find some good ideas or inspiration to help you run your game sessions.

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