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-Robert E. Howard
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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Journaling Foes in Encounters for Conan 2d20.

Currently I journal encounter ideas either through Google docs or though a physical notebook.  Both of these methods have their pros and cons, which I am not here to discuss, at least not in this post.

I do generally try and break up each page into a single encounter, and when trying to include creatures that can often be difficult beyond having a page reference or a bunch of pre-printed sheets.  Creatures and foes in Conan 2d20 have nearly as much information about them as players do.  We know all of their stats and we likewise know what they have for expertise and training.  Most of this can be handy, but for a basic combat encounter, most is extraneous.

In combat a creature can strike and be struck.  If they are toughened or greater they can react.  They can do mental attacks and might have a few special abilities.  Beyond that we need to know armor and damage.  I have moved to an older school method of recording these. 

For a "Degenerate Warrior", a toughened foe I record the following right on the journal page,

Degenerate Warrior(T) V10 R9 S1 C2 M11/2 Ra11/2 P11/2 T9/0 Mr12/3 315
Stone club (M) R2 6cd 2H Kd,S Opportunistic Cannibal (T) C 4cd Area,P1

V10 = Vigor 10
R9 = Resolve 9
S1 = Soak 1
C2 = Courage 2
M11/2 = Melee TN is 11, focus of 2
P11/2 = Parry TN is 11, focus of 2
Ra11/2 = Ranged TN is 11/2
T9/0 = Threaten TN is 9, focus of 0
Mr12/3 = Mental Resistance TN is 12, focus of 3
315 = Page number.
Stone club = Weapon name
(M) = Melee
R2 = Reach 2
6cd = Damage dice
2H = 2 Handed
Kd,S = Special abilities
Opportunistic Cannibal = Weapon Name
(T) = Threaten
C = Range
4cd = Damage dice
Area, P1 = Special abilities

You may want to include any special doom spends the foe might have. 

Most stats/expertise numbers can be derived fairly quickly if needed, ie M11/2 means Agility is 9, but it is good to make note of the page number as well for quick reference if needed.


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