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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Saturday, August 18, 2018

T-shirts For the Gamer in You.

First things first. This is gonna contain links to my affiliate store on TeePublic.

A few years ago I was looking for some cool ass t-shirts to wear. I wanted something that represented my love for Conan, but there wasn't much official on the market. I started looking elsewhere and eventually came acorss sites like TeePublic and TeeFury. At the time TeePublic had a larger selection of Conan shirts so I ended up purchasing from them. I have at least one shirt from TeeFury and it has held up as well as the ones I have recieved from TeePublic. My choice to buy largely from TeePublic isn't one of quality, it was simply one of sticking to what I know.

I spend some time on the site looking for shirts I might enjoy. Awhile back I though I could do this easier and offer up my ideas to people that might read my blog and so I became an affiliate and set up a little store. I am adding new cool shirts to the store everyday but thought I would share a few of my favorites in this post!

As I mentioned I looked into these several years back. At that time I bought several Conan shirts, which I wear a LOT. I still have them. I still wear them. They body and graphic on the shirt have held up well. These shirts generally run for about $20USD each, which means I don't personally buy them all that often. However at certain times of the year, and it's not rare, they have site wide sales for $14!

One of the things I appreciate about a good t-shirt design is subtlety. If a person is unfamiliar with what the show is based on, they very well might not know it's based on anything.

First up is shirts inspired by The Expanse!

Canterbury MCRN Tachi Remember The Cant Star Helix

Next up we have some cool Conan inspired shirts!

Two Snakes Cimmeria Warrior Crom Does Not Care Doom!

Finally a small random selection from my TeePublic list. RPGs and COBRA KAI!

Roll For Initiative You Can Try Cobra Kai

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