'Barbarism is the natural state of mankind,' the borderer said, still staring somberly at the Cimmerian. 'Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.'

-Robert E. Howard
Beyond The Black River

Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Cave Troll - WIP - Finished

In testing the new airbrush primer(71.097), which after use I note is actually gunship grey from the Vallejo Air Colors lines, I ended up painting my Troll model a pretty dark grey, much darker than I had anticipated.

A quick look online and I came across this note on Vallejo's website:

7.5. Is your Model Air color 71.097 the same product as the new primers?
No, this is simply a grey color, created years ago in the Model Air Line. We are changing the name to Base Grey precisely in order to avoid misunderstanding.

So buyer beware when ordering online eh?

I decided to roll with it as I had been considering a cave troll anyhow.

In the above image the troll has been painted with 71.097 and then given a black wash, followed by re-highlighting with the 71.097 grey.

Still coming back into this 28mm hobby, but so far I am pretty happy with how this guy is coming out.

updated post with completed troll.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Song of Blades and Heros.

The store is planning on having some painting days in January and February and then our actual first games after that.  Several people were more gung-ho and met a few times to play a few games.  This is the second meeting and the first one I could make it to.  We had 5 people show up in the end and so played a 4-way with our fifth member acting as a ref as he had already played one of the games.

As we are still new, not everyone had figures or had painted figures, but we had enough to go around.  The following photos are from my perspective as the Orcs.  On my right was a group of elves and on my left a group of rat men.  Kitty corner from me was a band of goblins lead by two minotaurs.  The game's goal was to get into the tower, get a crate and exit the board.  

Our initial layout moving into the game.  Orcs are set and read to do some killing.

The Orcs and Elves advance but a failed quality roll leaves my troll behind.

Elves move up to the tower building as my Orcs attempt to re-form their unit.  The rats move up against the low wall.

The first elves enter the building and set up a firing position so that the remaining elves can get the treasure.

Orcs move into the doorway as the first minotaur comes around the corner to harass the remaining elves that have no climbed into the building.

The elves continue to move up and into the tower.  The rats use this opportunity to come scurrying out of the ruined building and attack the Orcs.  In a bloody battle several rats are killed including a rank and file swordsorc getting lucky and killing their rat ogre.  One of the minotaurs enters the ground floor of the building.

The elves continue to climb up and grab the treasure mostly un harassed while the Orcs and rats fight a bloody battle outside the building.

Finally after an intense battle the Orcs cause the rats to flee in panic, but it is all too late as the elves make it out of the building with the treasure and can not be stopped before reaching the table edge.

More Bones.

I am primarily into Science Fiction but do stray towards Fantasy a little now and again. 

Recently the big local games store started a "Skirmish Gaming Club" that planned on initially using A Song of Blades and Heroes as it's initial rule set.  I like a lot about the rules and this seemed like a great way to get in some games without needed many figures.

For my first warband I chose orcs.  I have almost always played humans in wargames, so I thought I would try something a little different for me.  I also didn't want boring green orcs......

I picked up a bunch of Reaper Bones models.  I haven't painted bones before and in fact I haven't painted anything above 15mm since I was maybe 20.

I got the first 3 rank and file orcs painted up on the weekend and thought I would share the initial paint jobs, even though the bases still need finishing.

I have a few more of this size to do with bows and then 3 larger hero orcs plus a troll and a goblin.  Should be a fun band once they are finished.

To be continued.......

The Growing Storm

I didn't get a lot of painting done this weekend, but I did get my Orc Chieftan painted up.

Still using Reaper bones models.  The following is my process.

1) Glue model to base.  In this case I am using slightly larger than 1" fender washers.  These add weight to the light models and can be secured for travel using a magnetic sheet.

2) Add 2 part putty to even out base.

3) Wash figure and give it a quick scrub with soap and toothbrush.

4) Hot glue base to a craft paint bottle, giving me something to hold.

5) Prime figure using air brush

6) Now on to painting.  I am using a #2 brush.

7) Base colors

8) Localized washes.  Skin tones, black lines, browns.

9) Highlights on skin.

10) Army painter soft tone across model.

11) Final highlights and dry brushing

12) Eyes.


We are Orcs.  Do not judge our motivations.  Perhaps you are the evil ones?

Got some more models painted up....  Three basic archers to go with the three basic swordsorcs.

Also thought I would share the current iteration of my Song of Blades and Heros unit cards.  One of my standard Orc warriors.  Stats are just fillers.  Points cost in the upper left, Combat of 3 and a Quality of 4+.  I can never remember what occurs on the even/odd rolls so I included a quick reference on the bottom to remind me.

 This card is a 3x5" word document.  But I will normally print them out to a .PDF and then print them on a multiple pages on a sheet and then print on card stock.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

EVEN MORE FANTASY! Fightin' Fungi!

One of the first Fantasy battles I posted about was A Song of Blades and Heroes.

Now the creator of that rule set is launching a new game:  "Fightin' Fungi"

It sounds to me like more of the same awesome of A Song, but with unique mushroom warriors and an improved magic system as well as more combat abilities and weapons.

Find out more at his Kickstarter campaign!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/9742092/fightin-fungi-28mm-fantasy-miniatures

If you like quick play skirmish rules that have an active community and creator I suggest you check out the new game and his website: http://www.ganeshagames.net/

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Song of Blades and Heroes. Neither 15mm nor SciFi.

Over Christmas I learned that my girlfriend who had never played anything to do with miniatures liked the parts of fantasy computer games that dealt with combat. The parts played out on a battlefield.  These are simple computer driven miniature combat in essence.  With this knowledge and a copy of A Song of Blades and Heroes, I felt I could introduce her to the wonderful world of wargames and miniatures.

Problem was I had zero fantasy figures.  My solution was to buy a bunch of Pathfinder booster packs and use them to stat up a couple of 200 point warbands. 

We had a "Fire" force and a "Forest" Force.  We played a find the magic item scenario on an aproximately 3'x3' surface with some pretty basic terrain (I really need some hills)

Roughly the sides were:
Fire: Fire Giant, Fire Elemental, Wizard and a Sin spawn (undead) type
Forest: Forest Drake, Boggard, Wizard and a hound beast.

The battlefield was an road between 2 hills with a stone arch causing a choke point along the road.

The first few turns were spent running our forces to the two closest possible magic locations.  She arrived first and rolled that it was indeed the magic item giving her an easy 3 victory points.   Once she had the magic item her drake flew over the hill and attacked my forces.  Nothing serious occured in this engagement.
However I took the opportunity to try and outright kill the drake and moved most of my units into hand to hand combat.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to kill the drake and it flew away to attack one of my more isolated units, the fire elemental.  I survived the initial attack but was pushed back leaving the Drake in the open. 

I cast transfix on the drake and succesfully held it.  My fire elemental closed and won combat, removing her biggest threat.

I then failed my next activation, trying to play too cautiosly and her hound kept my fire giant and sin spawn busy long enough for her boggard and wizard to eliminate the fire elemental.

The fire giant moves in while the sinspawn deals with the hound, elminating it from play.  During the next few rounds the sinspawn closed while the giant fought for his life.  He became transfixed at one point, and had a hard time breaking free of the spell, and truth be told we screwed up once here.  Missing a quick kill on the giant.  That being said the Boggard was killed leaving only her mage

The sinspawn and fire giant attack the final member of her warband, the sinspawn dies in the exchange leaving only two.....

With a swing of his fire club, the mage is knocked down and....
 Crushed under the feet of the giant.

Even with her three additional victory points, I managed to win by 1 or 2 points, only because my giant was the only one of my units left.  If it had died and my sinspawn had lived, I probably still would have not managed the victory points.

Overall the game went pretty smoothly.  She was brand new to miniatures and I had never played the rules before.  She enjoyed it and I think will play again.  I will need more miniatures though.