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Corrupt Cliffs
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I'm a WIZARD mind you! 400 point Song of Blades Skirmish.

This past Sunday we had a game day.  Six of us showed up, which is pretty much our whole club at this point.  Two of our members were hot into a game of Galleys and Galleons, so the remaining 4 of us played a 4 way, hold the center scenario.  30 points of death reigned on an enemy was worth a victory point, as well as holding the central crates uncontested at the end of a turn gained you a victory point.  The sides were Orcs vs Halflings vs Elves vs Undead.

This also marked the first appearance of my Goblin Shaman to support the Orcs.  He was a low combat, high quality, Magic using, leader.  This report mostly focusses on my end of the table which involved the Orcs and Undead.

Goblin Shaman and Orc Butcher, A Savage Orc with Q4+ and C6.

So it Begins

The first few turns involve the Undead and Orcs simply free moving forward towards the center.  The Elves and Halflings took their chances a few times making quality checks.  In the end the Undead and Orcs got to a choke point which forces them to stop using free-moves.


The Orcs and Undead approach each other cautiously, while off in the distance the Halfing Giant begins to flank my Orcs.  The Orc Archer contingent is almost dispatched to deal with him and split the Orc party up when the Elven Hero unleashes a storm of arrows killing the leader, a wizard, of the Halfling band causing them to rethink their role in this battle.  The Giant flanking the orcs decides this battle is not for him and flees from the table leaving the Orc Archers to stay with the original warband.


From the ranks of the Undead a Banshee slips forward and howls at the Orc Butchers in an attempt to strike terror and death into them.  Unimpressed the two Orc Butchers rush forward confident their Cave Troll will follow up to support them.  In their blind fury the banshee stands no chance and is struck down in a feat of Orcish violence.  Unfortunately the Troll refuses to move and stands it’s ground, leaving the Butchers alone against the Undead.  The Goblin Shaman, sensing favorable winds of magic, begins his chant and is able to transfix one of the ghouls which is then cut down by the arrow from an Orcish bow.


With the two Orc Butchers left to fend for themselves things turn ugly quickly. The Undead Horde sweep against them killing one while the other barely manages to hold his ground before the Troll finally comes into the fray.  The Shaman’s chant is again heard, and the last ghoul freezes transfixed long enough to earn it’s death.  Unfortunately the Orc Butcher and Troll are unable to take advantage of this to move against the fearsome Vampire.


Meanwhile…….The Elves continue to move up to try and take the objectives while their Giant Tree fights valiantly to kill the Giant Slayers from the Halflings.


Sensing his moment the Vampire moves to slay the Goblin Shaman causing so much havoc among his warriors.  Unfortunately in his haste he fumbles and is unable to move up and so choses to move back away from the onslaught.  Sensing the tide of battle shifting the Orcs press forward killing the winged horror in the line of Undead.  Through a bloody battle the Orcs finally bring down the creature, but their advance leaves their shaman horribly exposed……


 As it was feared the two undead wolves, sensing blood, captapult around the orcs and fall on the hapless Shaman.  Powerful in magic, weak in combat he falls quickly under their slavering jaws and is torn apart.

First overcome with disbelief that their Shaman could die, the Orcs fall back slightly before their confusion turns back to howls of RAGE and they fall on the two Wolves, killing one and leave the other one to be locked in combat as the Troll relentlessly approaches him under a volley of Elven archer fire.

As the Troll comes face to face with the Undead Wolf, the Elven arrows aimed for him strike home against the Undead killing it.  With it’s death, a shudder is felt through the Undead horde as they begin to crumble to dust, the entire host vanishes as if it had been a nightmare…..


Seeing their chance to crush the stinking Elves, the remaining Orc Butcher, utters a mighty war cry and charges the Elves.  Initially things go well as the Orc’s brute strength cause the Elves to falter…


But the Butcher can not finish the job quickly enough and with their Shaman gone the raiding party is unable to react as a cohesive force to support him. The Dryads sweep in to surround him falling on him and tearing him to pieces.


Only three remain from the might raiding party, unable to stand due to their massive losses the Orcish Horde falls back and regroups…


But even as they flee an Elven arrow strikes home killing another of the Orcs.  In the final moments of the battle the Troll sensing blood as an Elf came forward abandoned his idea to flea the field and rushed head long to his death.  The final Orc Archer thought better and left to fight another day.


Overall this was a very enjoyable game.  The addition of the Shaman was instrumental to having success against the Undead.  In the end I killed a lot of Undead, The Elves killed a lot of Halflings and Orcs and controlled the centre for the longest and so not that surprisingly, had the most victory points.

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