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Corrupt Cliffs
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Age of Conan: Saga of Zath

Age of Conan

Conan Exiles is approaching it's official release date. Over the last year it has gone from a game, from what I understand, significant issues, to a game that I quite enjoy. Sure it still has issues. I suspect all games do, but in the end I enjoy the survival sandbox concept with a Conan skin.

So Funcom is working hard on this new Conan game, but what of it's OTHER Conan game? Age of Conan.

If you are unfamiliar with it, Age of Conan was and *IS* a MMORPG set in the Hyborian Age. It was released WAY back in May 2008. Nearly 10 years ago. You start with a character in the Barachan Isles and the city of Tortage where you remain until you get to a high enough level and escape to the world at large. As it is 10 years old, there are less servers than there used to be. I believe only one remains. "CROM" in both PVP vs PVE. The game can be played for free giving you access to a lot of content or through a paid membership giving you certain bonuses and access to everything.

Through out your adventure you are given quests, gain experience and levels, new abilities, crafting recipes and your own guild strongholds.

Saga of Zath

Before Christmas Funcom announced that in the new year they were going to start a new server, something they called a SAGA server. We would all be given the opportunity to start fresh and play the game starting at Tortage. The original content would be in place as well as a new quest called "Saga of Kath". At the end of the saga server run, characters would be rolled back into CROM with all they had gained including marks of saga completion.

From the Saga of Zath website

The Saga Quest Shortly after washing ashore on Tortage Island, you are assigned a “Saga Quest” which tasks you with reaching various progression milestones:

  • Reach Level 20
  • Reach Level 50
  • Reach Level 80
  • Fulfill your Destiny
  • Complete a Raid via the Raid Finder*
  • Classic Raid Progression
Completing each stage of the quest awards a special vanity item or account-wide title exclusive to Saga of Zath, along with powerful loot including a Tier 4 Cloak and a Tier 6 Weapon and Necklace for your class!
* The Raid Finder will not be available at the start of Saga of Zath. Don’t worry--we’ll turn it on shortly after the launch.

January 24th saw the launch of the new Server and so I decided to return to Conan's MMORPG world and logged in last night at 8pm MST and made it to pretty close to level 12 in about 3 hours of solid game play, so I have about 8 levels to go to hit the first Zath quest goal. I hadn't played in about 2 years (Christmas 2016), but I quickly remembered the controls and got used to moving and killing.

I have never personally played a wizard class in the game, and have always stuck with combat. I love the way combate is handled, allowing you to swing at various locations and use combo moves, and get rewarded with fatality animations, such as beheading your opponent.

First Impressions

As I mentioned I played for 3 hours last night. I was able to find my way around fairly easily and remembered the basic maps and how to get to them. ie How to find my way around Tortage, How to get to the Underhalls and Whitesands.

Overall it was cool to see the game as populated as it was, even if that meant at times it was actually hard to find creatures to kill on Whitesands Island. ha ha.

As always the game is good looking, and has an amazing and epic soundtrack. It was commented from the other room while I was playing, "I wish Diablo 3 had an epic soundtrack like that." I often turn the music off in games, but in AoC, it is welcome and epic.

I will continue to play a little when I have time and see how far I get.

I will livestream my entire experience over on my YouTube channel, so come and check it out. SAGA OF ZATH

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