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Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fantasy Grounds Extension V3.4

Completed somemore work on the Conan 2d20 FG Extension.

Conan 2d20 FG Extension v3.4
Original blog post...

V3.4 updates
-Proper tab control on NPCs for easier entering. -Completed
-Selecting of NPC type (Minion, Toughened, Nemesis), and the setting of the correct base dice. -Completed
-Increased NPC sheet size to allow for larger buttons. -Completed, but when a different way.
-Fixed a bug that involved the amount of doom/momentum being spent increasing even when dice were maxed.
-added three fields to the attributes to signify additional damage on the character sheet.

Known Issues
-Player combat tracker needs work.
-GM combat tracker has a few issues I would like to work on, but should be functional.

-Add complication being flagged on rolls.
-Look into order of Minion-Toughened-Nemesis.
-Incorporate bonus damage into rolls.
-See about fixing the combat tracker

Future ideas
-Working/automatic Momentum & Doom Pools.
-Difficulty set for rolls.
-Further work on the Combat Tracker


  1. Not sure if this is of value to you, but someone called Valarian made a 2d20 ruleset for FG (and a Star Trek extension too). Not sure how good it is. It looks like it has a way of dragging Momentum/Doon too but I havent played with it.

    Link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B75Lr5C1Hpx3dTR3T2UxUUNsc00

    Who knows, might be helpful for ya.

  2. Keith - would you grant permission for me to upload the Conan and John Carter extesnions to the FG forums?