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Corrupt Cliffs
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Avengers: No Road Home #6 (2019)

I had no plans to review this book. With three main Conan already in circulation and this being released on the same day as the new Savage Sword, I was just going to give it a pass. This is of course Conan's first cross over with the modern Marvel world. Plenty of fans hate it based on it existing. I tend to be a little calmer about things, but I admit I was unsure what I was going to get with this title. I knew a little going into it, and there are parts that I would probably get more from if I had read the previous five books. I may do in the end, but for now this post is strictly about #6.

If you are unsure about this book as a Conan fan, I get that apprehension. If you are a dedicated die hard fan of Robert E. Howard to the point that anything Conan that isn't him is bad, then you won't like this. If any Comic Conan that isn't the original run of Savage Sword, is horrible to you, then you also probably won't like this issue. BUT If you like Howard, and you liked Savage Sword and you enjoy seeing new tales told about the Cimmerian, then this title might just be of some interest to you.

When I read these I want to see a few things. Chiefly among them is sword fights, followed closely by something weird. This weird element can be monsters or wizards, or any number of things that are basically supernatural in nature. This is one of the things I liked least about the new Conan The Barbarian #4, nothing weird in it. Lots of cool imagery and fighting, but nothing weird.

To really start this review I want to present three images for you to take for you to take a look at...

Conan sword drawn, kickin' ass. This image is nearly a carbon copy of some of Asrar's images from Conan the Barbarian #1, which I loved, so seeing Conan like this again, sword drawn and kickin' ass gets some pretty awesome praise from me. Love it.

Next up one of the prototypical things we see in any number of sword and sorcery stories, including the current run of Savage Sword, the cult. Cults are nefarious and serve dark gods, and in the Hyborian Age, are generally not JUST crack pots, but crack pots devoted to raising some dark entity. The cult in this is no different. And how do cults generally achieve this? They sacrifice of a maiden.

Which brings us to the third image, the sword and sorcery trope of the maiden chained to the slab of rock about to be sacrificed. No she is not naked, yes she is scantily clad. It is some of the imagery we get in sword and sorcery that people often say can't exist anymore due to the PC nature of our world. Clearly some of it can still exist and does in a mainstream Marvel magazine.

There are a couple of pages that deal with the larger story being told, and the other Avengers, but they stand aside from the main story and aren't need to enjoy this as a largely stand alone comic. The majority of this book is a tale about a Barbairan and a Witch and is very much a sword & sorcery tale.

So without further rambling, let's see how much mead I am going to drink!

4.5 out of 5 Skulls of My Enemies!

This was a pleasant surprise. I expected something considerably less sword and sorcery. It was a fun romp full of fighting, and other mainstays of sword and sorcery. I feel this will have the ability to introduce fans of the Avengers to Conan, and I see that as a good thing. I definitely recommend grabbing an issue of this from your local comic store or app.

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