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Corrupt Cliffs
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Man & Machine

Rules Rules Rules

So many rules.

I am sure we could all use another set.

I have been considering a skirmish ruleset for sometime.  I had originally envisioned it as a fantasy type game, but then I thought, why not Sci-Fi?

There are certain aspects and mechanics that I really like in a simple fast skirmish game.

I am tentatively thinking of it being infantry and power armor based, hence Man and Machine as a working title.

1) No math
  • This involves rolling a pool of attack, defense, skill dice aiming to hit a particular target.  Various games use this idea: Tomorrow's War, X-wing Miniatures, Conan etc
  • Each die can be a success or a failure (Or possibly critical success or critical failure)
2) No writing
  • Generally apart from possibly writing down and designing your forces life and effects are all tracked via chits and counters.  ie a player gets armor chits or life chits that are used to track each models status
3) Simple rules
  • Simple set of rules to govern combat and basic movement.
  • Simple skills that add depth, such as Technical, Medic etc.
4) Activation....
  • I feel this aspect can really make a game interesting and I am not entirely sure how I want this to work yet.
I have some ideas rattling around as well as some notes on some post-its.  I will probably post some general ideas on the mechanics as I develop it here.

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