'Barbarism is the natural state of mankind,' the borderer said, still staring somberly at the Cimmerian. 'Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.'

-Robert E. Howard
Beyond The Black River

Corrupt Cliffs

Corrupt Cliffs
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My Advent on Mars

Like Conan, I came to Barsoom later in my life.  These early works of fiction eluded me.  I had certainly heard of Conan, but I head read none of the comics and NONE of Howard's writing till about 7 years ago.  I considered myself a fan of the character and the movie. 

Barsoom was different.  I have certainly heard of Tarzan, but not of Barsoom.  Maybe I saw the occasional comic cover here and there and didn't know what it was.  When they decided to make a movie, I looked into it more.  I became excited for the movie.  I *ENJOYED* the movie.  Did it have an amazing plot?  No.  Did it have a fun plot?  Sure!  Earth man on new world rescues the Princess and finds love.  What did it have?

Action.  Adventure.  Visuals.

This movie for me is visually stunning, and so the world created by ERB captured my imagination.  Hordes of inhuman, tribal, green Martians with 6 limbs doing battle against the Red human men of Barsoom.  A dying world of violence and conflict.  A world where airships glide across the skies like our ships on the ocean.  The movie showed me all of this and more. 

After the movie I immediately sought out and read the first three of ERBs books set on Barsoom.   They are of course different than the movie.  It seems obvious the writers were going for a more connected set of books starting from day 1.  They had an advantage over ERB in this respect.  They had all 3 books. 

So now I find myself a fan of John Carter of Mars.  The world captures my imagination.

I was delighted to learn Modiphius was planning a series of games centered around John Carter of Mars and I looked forward to the launch of the Kickstarter for the RPG.  The system is based around the same system as their Conan 2d20 lineup, which I am familiar with having played it for the last year and participated in the various forums for a longer time.

So come!  Join me on Barsoom and save YOUR Princess!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

John Carter of Mars: Adventures on a Dying World

"Instantly the scene changed as by magic; the foremost vessel swung broadside toward us, and bringing her guns into play returned our fire, at the same time moving parallel to our front for a short distance and then turning back with the evident intention of completing a great circle which would bring her up to position once more opposite our firing line; the other vessels followed in her wake, each one opening upon us as she swung into position. Our own fire never diminished, and I doubt if twenty-five per cent of our shots went wild. It had never been given me to see such deadly accuracy of aim, and it seemed as though a little figure on one of the craft dropped at the explosion of each bullet, while the banners and upper works dissolved in spurts of flame as the irresistible projectiles of our warriors mowed through them. "
-Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars

Modiphius is bringing another piece of classic pulp fiction to the tabletop.  This time we visit the dying world of Barsoom with it's Red and Green men.  With the constant war between peoples.  With it's Airships and hordes of Tharks.  With it's mighty cities like Helium and Zodanga.

It is currently LIVE! on Kickstarter right now!  It has more than met it's desired goal and is cruising through stretch goals.

The game uses a skill-less based 2d20lite system.  Instead of skills you will combine 2 attributes to determine the outcome of your action.  If you desire to run into melee combat with the Thark about to kill your lover, your GM will probably tell you to roll against your attributes of Daring and Might.  Daring deals with movement and Might physical combat.

Check out the cool character sheet!

I've not seen the whole system, but what I have seen I find exceptionally interesting with a lot of potential to increase narrative story telling.  I look forward to the quickstart rules arriving soon!

If you want to get in early on the community stop by the google+ group, it currently only has 14 members!

Check back often here and on youtube for updates as the kickstarter progresses and we get a chance to play the quickstart rules!

Fantasy Grounds Extension V3.4

Completed somemore work on the Conan 2d20 FG Extension.

Conan 2d20 FG Extension v3.4
Original blog post...

V3.4 updates
-Proper tab control on NPCs for easier entering. -Completed
-Selecting of NPC type (Minion, Toughened, Nemesis), and the setting of the correct base dice. -Completed
-Increased NPC sheet size to allow for larger buttons. -Completed, but when a different way.
-Fixed a bug that involved the amount of doom/momentum being spent increasing even when dice were maxed.
-added three fields to the attributes to signify additional damage on the character sheet.

Known Issues
-Player combat tracker needs work.
-GM combat tracker has a few issues I would like to work on, but should be functional.

-Add complication being flagged on rolls.
-Look into order of Minion-Toughened-Nemesis.
-Incorporate bonus damage into rolls.
-See about fixing the combat tracker

Future ideas
-Working/automatic Momentum & Doom Pools.
-Difficulty set for rolls.
-Further work on the Combat Tracker

Monday, January 8, 2018

Fantasy Grounds extension for Conan 2d20 v3.3

HO Dog Brothers and Sword Sisters!

Many moons ago I set out to extend the beautiful Fantasy Grounds extension created by the Jolly GM.

I am far from an expert user of Fantasy Grounds, so I will direct you to an excellent blog post by the aforementioned Jolly GM where he describes where to get MoreCore as well as his Doom Pit.

As I mentioned my extension builds off of his, and so builds off of MoreCore with a specific Conan Character Sheet, Conan NPC sheet and fledgling combat tracker. 

There is still much to do on the project but I will keep spending a little time on it here and there as I can.

The current version is V3.3

V3.4 is in the works
-Proper tab control on NPCs for easier entering. -Completed
-Selecting of NPC type (Minion, Toughened, Nemesis), and the setting of the correct base dice. -Completed
-Increased NPC sheet size to allow for larger buttons.

Known Issues
-Player combat tracker needs work.
-GM combat tracker has a few issues I would like to work on, but should be functional.

Future ideas
-Working/automatic Momentum & Doom Pools.
-Difficulty set for rolls.
-Further work on the Combat Tracker

Please feel free to download and give the extension a try in it's current form, and don't forget to drop me some feedback on what you think.

If you find this to be useful please feel free to buy me a coffee over here at ko-fi

Monday, December 11, 2017

Stairs descending into darkness, a 3x3 tile

New video up on the youtube channel on creating a set of descending stairs with some actual depth.

Hope you enjoy it and it provides some inspiration!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Conan 2d20 Sorcery Example: Dismember.

**NOTE** It has been clarified that the below is not the way Dismember works. Consider this an optional rule interpretation now. The Sorcery FAQ is located here

Conal cautiously worked his way into the ancient Stygian tomb.  He came here in search of the treasures of Menkmek Amon, once said to be a powerful wizard, but now long dead and entombed here. 

Those Conal spoke too said he was a  Necromancer, but what is this childish belief in sorcery in this day and age.  Deep within the tomb is said to be Menkmek's most prized possession, a giant blue sapphire, said to be from Python itself.  The lure of the jewel far outweighed any thought of childish beliefs in the magic of long dead wizards.

Finally his torch illuminated the door to the final chamber and he pushed inside.  His touch slowly illuminating parts of the ancient sandstone tomb as he swept the fire across it.  Alcoves with long dead warriors on guard for eternity and after what seemed like an eternity the sarcophagus and above it, the blue sapphire of Python.

As Conal approaches the tomb he hears the sound of grating stone, and the distinct sound of metal and bone.  Wheeling with the torch he sees the two skeletons raise rusty blades and step towards him.

Fear grips Conal as the dead things stagger towards him, and then a commanding voice from the darkness causes him to turn momentarily away from the skeletons to see the open sarcophagus and the long dead wizard risen, holding his lotus staff, “You have chosen to die today.  You have defiled my resting place.  You will join my guardians.”
With the words spoken in this dark place the skeletons lurch to end his life.

Fortune 3. Melee 13/2. Parry 11/2. Acrobatics 9/1.  Vigor 12. Resolve 9. Disc. 10/2  Armor 2. Courage 1.
Two Handed Sword: R3, 2H, 5CD(+2 for brawn), V1

Melee 11/2. Parry 11/2. Vigor 9. Resolve 8. Armor 2. Fear 1. Night vision
Pitted Sword: R2, 5cd, Parry
Battered Shiled: R2, 3cd, 1h, KD, Shield 2

Menkmek Amon(N)
Melee 8/0. Sorcery 16/5. Ranged 12/2. Vigor 10. Armor 1. Doom Hrld. Dread Creat 3. Night vision
Dagger: R1, 3cd, H1, Parrying, Thrown, Unforgiving
Spell: Dismember

Start of combat:
Doom=3(fortune)+1(Doom Herald)=4
Momentum 0

Round 1:
Conal is affected by Fear 1
Conal rolls 2d20 against his discipline.  Rolls 3 and 5 = 2 successes = 1 momentum.
Conal swings at the first skeleton and rolls 5d20.  2 dice from doom and 1 from momentum.
Difficulty=2 due to the darkness of the tomb.
Rolls: 5,10,6,9,16=4 successes=2 momentum.
Conal rolls 7cd for damage: 4,2,1,1,3,4,2, spends 1 momentum to re-roll misses. 6,6,2
Damage roll = 2,1,1,2,6,6,2=12 Damage.
Skeletons have 2 armor + shields 2 = (5,6) = 2 = 4 Soak.
Conal swings the mighty great sword against the first skeleton, the blade crushing deep into the animated bones, it barely slows and keep coming despite the crushing blow.
Damage=12-4soak=8.  Skeleton = 9vigor-8=1Vigor
Skeleton also suffers a single wound.

Round 1:
Skeleton 1

The first skeleton swings at Conal and rolls 4d20, taking 2 from doom.
Difficulty=2 due to reach. Conal attempts to parry(+1 Doom), D2.  Rolls 4d20 as well. 1 momentum, 1 doom.
Skeleton 1 Rolls: 6,2,10,5=5 successes=3momentum
Conal Rolls: 16,17,5,8=2 successes=0 momentum
Skeleton rolls damage, adds Penetration 2 (see page 118) for 1 doom.
Rolls: 1,5,5,1,6 – Penetration 2 = 5 damage
Conal has 2 armor soak which is negated by the penetration spend.
The Skeletons blade swings down in a deadly arc catching Conal below his breast plate causing him a grievous wound.
Conal Vigor=12-5=7.  5 Dmg in a round = +1wound.
Skeleton 2 rolls 4d20, taking 2 from doom.
Difficulty=2 due to reach. Conal attempts to parry (+2doom),D3. Rolls 5d20, adding 4 to doom.

Skeleton 2
The Second skeleton advances, it's blade cutting a deadly arc towards Conal
rolls: 5,13,19,1=3 successes=1 momentum
Conal rolls: 5,3,9,14,4=4 successes=1 momentum
Skeleton pays 1 doom to break tie.
Skeleton rolls damage, adds Penetration 2 for 1 doom.
Rolls: 5,6,6,5,2 – Penetration 2 = 6 damage.
Skeleton adds 1 damage to the total = 7 damage.
Conal has 2 armor soak which is negated by piercing.
The second skeleton crashes down on Conal, who nearly knocks the pitted sword to the side, but misses it by the breadth of a hair.  The old sword cuts deeply into Conal.
Conal Vigor = 7 – 7 = 0.  Conal suffers 2 wounds.  One for vigor being reduced to zero and 1 for suffering 5 vigor in a single attack.
Conal spends a fortune point to ignore the effects of the 3 wounds he has suffered.

Menkmen Amon prepares to cast Dismember and uses a minor action to focus.
Menkmen Amon uses his standard action to cast Dismember. (D1)
Menkmen Amon is a Dread Creature 3 and gains an additional 3 doom.
Menkmen spends 3 doom to gain a fortune point.

Menkmen spends 2 doom to gain two dice and spends the fortune point to gain a 3rd rolled as a 1.
Menkmen rolls 4,14,3,16 = 6 successes = 5 momentum.
The spell successfully cast with 5 momentum, Menkmen adds.
Wounds of Sorcery: Vicious 2 = 2 momentum
Overwhelming Agony: Gain Intense = 2 momentum
Brutal Force: Gain 1cd = 1 momentum.

The energy seems to coalesce around him in tendrils so dark they are clearly seen in the darkness of the tomb.  With words of power, Menkmen strikes out at Conal with the summoned energy in an attack to end his life.
Menkmen spends 2 points of Doom and uses a swift action to attack Conal with the summoned energy. The attack is Difficulty 2.
Menkmen again uses 3 doom to gain a fortune point and spend it for an extra d20.
Menkmen then spends 2 more doom to gain an extra 2 dice.
Conal attempts to dodge the force from beyond.
The dodge is difficulty 2.
Menkmen rolls his 4d20+fortune: 9,7,7,2,1=7 successes=6 momentum
Conal spends a fortune point and as well rolls 5d20, adding 2 to the doom pool.
Conal rolls: 6,9,19,2,1=6 successes = 4 momentum
Menkmen wins the struggle, gaining 2 doom.
The force of the otherworldly energy strikes Conal and he feels things grabbing at him and pulling, hands reaching and tearing at his flesh.
Dismember = 4cd+1 = 5cd, Piercing 3, Intense, Vicious 2.
Rolls: 4,4,5,6,4.  Spends 1 doom to reroll.
Rolls: 2,6,3,5,6 = 2,(3),0,(3),(3) = 11 damage piercing 3. 
Conal takes 1 wound for suffering damage at 0 vigor.
Conal takes 1 wound for suffering 5 or more vigor damage.
Conal takes 1 wound due to the intense.

Conal screams in agony as the dark tendrils reach around him and pull, tearing flesh from bone, limbs from sockets and bringing agonizing death.
Menkmen smiles a deathly smile as he watches another intruder die horribly seeking what is not his.  Another guardian of the tomb will soon be on watch…………………..

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Conan 2d20 Traps of DOOM!

I started a traps document awhile ago and then moved on to other things. I never finished it. Recently, as you may have guessed, I picked it up again and started looking through it. I decided a more modular approach might make it more interesting, as well as a defined methodology of detecting trap and it's trigger.

To that end I created the following document, which I call, "TRAPS OF DOOM". None of these have been used in game yet, so I don't know that the doom spends are exactly correct. If you do use them, please drop me some feedback so I can have a look and make any necessary revisions!

And without further ado....

Traps of DOOM!